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Will Smith
Has Will Smith done anything lately.. I haven't seen him for a while..

Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu is one sexy asian. I will admit that gladly :-).

Anna Rawson
Anna Rawson was added. One hot golfer.

Jeremy Bloom
Jeremy Bloom was added to the database of celebrity Pictures.

I felt bad for Rihanna, you should *&@# Chris...

Chris Brown
Did you hear? Crhis Brown beat up one of the sexiest women alive Rihanna.. What a moron.

Salma Hayek
I have never heard of Salma Hayek, but she is a cute girl...

Becky Hammon
WE updated our sports section for all the sport fanatics. So cechk out Becky Hammon

Ashton Kutcher
Hmm, did you know working at 7:30 is too early for Ashton Kutcher, you girls might think he is hot, but he is a huge baby.

Amanda Bynes
Hmm who is in legal trouble? well, Amanda Bynes is, but she is hot so who cares.

Matthew McConaughey
Is someone mad about the paps following them? Interesting Matthew McConaughey was, usually he is fine, odd.

Paul Walker
Any ladies into the sexy Paul Walker he is here to stay on newcelebs for you! So check this guy out!

Andy Roddick
Who will win the open? Andy Roddick has a chance to do it, maybe, just maybe he will.

Kevin Costner
I forgot how old Kevin Costner is. take a look.

Natalia Vodianova
Who is the sexy girl fo the day? Natalia Vodianova is def one of the sexier ones!

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg said "leave my mother out of it", not sure why but he said that yesterday and everyone is quoting it...

Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana this girl seems dead these days. I haven't heard of her on the internet in a while, her time must be winding down.

Amy Winehouse
Hmm, is Amy Winehouse getting a divorce from her jailed husband...

Gerard Butler
Hmm, is Gerard Butler a player of the ladies?

Jessica Alba
Yum, Jessica Alba is one sexy lady.

Ben Afleck
Ben Afleck He is even still around the guy seems dead these days.

John Travolta How sad about his son. However, who can forget his great performance in Grease.

Heather Locklear
The actress Heather Locklear just got off easy with a DUI where is the Paris punishment when you need it.

Denise richards
The actress denise richards gone tv show wanna be is now on our site. Feel free to look denise richards up.

Amisha Patel
Amisha Patel was search on our site not too long ago. I checked her out and wow!

Akon came out with a new record yesterday. It is smokin hot. Love this guy. Good Guy. Hot Guy.

Denise Richards
Denise Richards really has a pretty face. I want to meet her to make sure it isnt just makup but she looks stunning!

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers are loved by millions... wish I had this kind of fame but then again I am glad I don't.

Asheley Tisdale
What ever happened to Asheley Tisdale is smokin hot. Make sure to check out here pictures!

Fall Out Boy
What ever happened to Fall Out Boy They seemed to have dropped off the plannet.

Britney Spears
Who is crazy and has two kids? Britney Spears.. she actually did well at the VMA's this time.

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks is the most annoying talk show person out there... guaranteed.

Fernanda Motta
WHo has a sexy Bikini body... Fernanda Motta without a doubt. I could look at this girl for hours... so why dont you :-) .

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom was absolutly brilliant in pirates of the caribbean. Not to mention is he one sexy man... love him.

Will Smith
Will Smith is one badass. I have always loved Will's movies. Great action such as MIB.

Hayden Panettiere
Whos the new girl on the block? Hayden Panettiere is. She one hot sexy girl who every guy wants and wants. Go ask your kid, I guarantee it.

Rafael Nadal
Recently Rafael Nadal lost in the olympics to America's no name player "blake". However, he is still the best player in the world. Go Nadal!

Natalie Portman
Is a dress with red shoes sexy? Natalie Portman she has it them on right now. Red shoes and a black dress are Sexxxxy.

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler last movie was freakin hilarious. I love this comedian. He is def. one of the best of his time in my opinion.

Kristen Dunst
Kristen Dunst is one amazing actor who is very sexy and hot.

Miley Cyrus Pictures
Miley Cyrus seems to be everywhere these days. She's the biggest thing around. Luckily for you we have a ton of Miley Cyrus photos, images, pictures and graphics.

Madonna Pictures
Today is Madonna's birthday. She turned a whopping 50 today! Check out all of our Madonna pictures, photos, graphics, & images!

Heath Ledger Pictures
Take a look at our Heath Ledger Pictures! Heath Ledger will be missed. Check out our Heath Ledger pictures, photos, graphics, & images.

Pamela Anderson Pictures
We have the hottest Pamela Anderson photos ever! If you want to see some sexy Pamela Anderson pictures, photos, graphics, & images then you've come to the write place.

Chris Brown Pictures
Get our new Chris Brown pictures. We always have the top musicians so you will be sure to love our Chris Brown photos, images and pics.

Rihanna Pictures
Check out our new Rihanna photos, pics and images. If you love Rihanna than you will love this collection.

Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers are the biggest sensation currently. We now have pages and pages for all their fans!

Band Pictures
Just added some bands for all you music lovers. The following are some current popular bands you might like and want to hace pictures for: U2, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Jessica Simpson.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig is soon goign to be hitting the big screen with his new movie James BOnd 007 Quantum Of Solace. Looks good.

Leonardo Dicaprio
WHo was once the man of all the 13 year old girls? Leonardo Dicaprio was back in the day in his movie Titanic.

Colin Farrell
Collin Farrell is a badass actor. Keep it up Colin. We added colin's pictures up today!

Matt Leinart
Matt Leinart the man who came from USC with a kod, classic. None the less a great sports star who watching is always fun. GO Carnials, not, you suck.

Football Stars
Football stars have been added to such as < a href="">AJ Feely, Reddie Bush, and David Carr.

Zac Efron
Zach Efron is a major hotty to any girl out there. We have tons of his pictures here that you can search and lust over ;-).

Brad Pitt
Tons of Brad Pitt images have been added today. That guy is one good looking man. What woman doesn't want this guy?

Tom Brady
hmm, Tom Brady Pictures were sadly added. A guy who barely sees his child and is a lame father. But, none the less he is a "celebrity" so he must be added to since it is a full database of celebrity pictures.

Anna Kournikova
Who loves tennis? Just uploaded is Anna Kournikova Photos. she looks stunning in her bikinis and not jsut her tennis outfit.

David Beckham
No shirt David Beckham photos have arrived to new celebrity pics. These are or all the ladies out there who want this man.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba's pictures are amazing modeleing pictures. I have always liked when she is in movies. Hope the new baby she had doesn't screw up her body.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton Photos were added today. She is mighty fine so make sure to look at them. Who cares if she has been around the block.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears The wacko wasn't so wacko before. Take a look back in time and see how amazing she was then... If only she didnt ruin herself.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey the sexiest singer. Take a look at her pictures and you will agree.

Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston on the red carpet was added today. If your into hot old women then this is the girl for you.

Christina Milian
Christina Milian is one hot girl. Get her sexyness on your desktop. You will thank me.

Cher Pics
Cher is one of the best performers of the age. She puts on the best show around. Get her pictures now on

Lil Wayne Pics
Lil Wayne has released his new album. Check out our new Lil Wayne pictures, photos, images & graphics.

Jessica Simpson Pics
Jessica Simpson will be designing her own lingeria line. It will be called Jessica Simpson Intimates. It will consist of underwear, bras, nightdresses & more. Get our hot Jessica Simpson photos, pictures, images & graphics.

Jessica Alba Pics
Jessica Alba has recently given birth to a baby girl. Jessica Alba & her husband, Cash Warren, named their newborn Honor Marie Warren. Check out our Jessica Alba photos, pictures, images & graphics.

Justin Timberlake Pics - Jessica Biel Pics
Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake have recently moved in together. Close friends of Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake say that this is only the beginning, and marriage is in the future. Get our Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake photos, pictures, images & graphics.

Vin Diesel Pics
Vin Diesel is a first time father. He has had a newborn girl. Check out our Vin Diesel photos, pictures, images & graphics.

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